Staff Picks: 7 LANDR Distribution Artists We Loved in April

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Staff Picks: 7 LANDR Distribution Artists We Loved in April

Thousands of artists trust LANDR Distribution to get their tracks on streaming platforms worldwide. But did you know we listen to every single submission? Here’s a taste of some of the incredible talent that comes through our distribution community.

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I always have so much fun sifting through the month’s LANDR Distribution submissions.

There’s always so much quality, undiscovered talent to find and I think this month we’re putting a spotlight on some pretty great music!

We’ve got a variety of music to check out for this month’s Staff picks—everything from Balearic dub from On Situ to bristling indie rock from recent Rising Artist Initiative winners 8BIT WIZRD!

Here’s the music we discovered and loved at LANDR this month.

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1. Phase – 8BIT WIZRD

8BIT WIZRD is a bit of a mainstay on our Staff Picks list, so it’s no surprise the band recently won LANDR’s Rising Artist Initiative which gives support to up-and-coming artists.

Lately, they’ve been pumping out great music and we can’t get enough!

Phase is the new single from the Austin, Texas-based indie rockers fronted by singer-songwriter Reece Myers.

It’s got a sunny, pop energy with some nostalgic production value that almost recalls Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

It’s a youthful and energetic beach pop song that’ll get you excited for summer road trips and sunset beach hangs.

2. Turnaround – State Cows

Self-described yacht rockers, State Cows are doing something pretty unique that any classic rock fan will appreciate.

The group writes a very recognizable style of yacht rock, west-coast studio music—heavily inspired by classic rock legends Steely Dan and others like Hall and Oates.

State Cows comes by their sound very honestly—and I think they absolutely nail the execution, creating some of the best modern yacht rock I’ve heard in recent memory.

Just listen to the recording quality, guitar tones, lyrics and singing style and you’ll see what I mean.

Turnaround is a very funky example that really captures everything about that yacht rock sound. Give it a listen and see if it’s for you!

3. Good Dog – Earth Dad

Switching gears, we’ve got a down-tempo bedroom pop track from Earth Dad.

It’s a personal reflection about growing up, learning to drive and discovering the freedom and responsibility of caring for and loving a furry friend.

It comes together when the vocalist sings:

You’re eating all the bugs around

I’m laughing at the snapping sound

I walk you in the morning

I feed you in the evening


Any type of car i’ll take it

Big car, small car

I just wanna rent it paint it

Big dog good dog

It’s a fun-loving tune that’s perfect for a relaxing evening drive or a sunset hangout in the park.

4. Room02 – On Situ

Here’s some really interesting electronic, dub music from producer On Situ.

I really enjoyed this genre-bending album and I recommend starting with the opening track C (Smooth) to really get an idea of what the record is all about.

Dub music is a bit of a forgotten genre that I think a lot of people paint over as one-dimensional before moving on to trendier electronic genres like techno, house or hyper pop.

On Situ proves everyone wrong with some super interesting synth production and creative use of unique vocals that create a strong and coherent piece of modern dub music.

Definitely check this out one if you’re interested in vibing out to some seriously chill music.

5. Dolus – Crestfall

Any lo-fi instrumental lovers out there? Crestfall from Dolus is a great album to relax or study to.

The album mostly sticks to a recognizable lo-fi beat aesthetic with elements of trap sprinkled throughout.

There’s plenty of interesting production work here—but mostly I just enjoyed chilling out and looking out the window to this music.

6. Run Away – Juice Run

For this month’s trap artist pick, we’ve got Run Away from Juice Run.

The track definitely falls into the emo-rap canon, but I think Juice Run does a great job of showing his personality and remaining unique despite how crowded the genre is.

It’s a short banger that comes in and out and leaves the listener wondering what’s next for the up-and-coming rapper.

Definitely give this one a listen if you’re looking for a new rapper to follow.

7. Enigma – Admir Korjenic

Enigma is a sound scapey electronic album that toes the line between ambient and electronica.

Through the album swirling, pulsing synths combine with lush pads to create a great entry into the electronic music canon.

The album definitely takes inspiration from the greats like Brian Eno and Steve Reich, but Korjenic’s personality shines through—it’s a unique album that’s not overly derivative from what’s already out there.

If you love ambient music as much as I do, definitely give this one a try!

Alex Lavoie

Alex Lavoie is a drummer, music producer, songwriter and marketing professional living in Montreal, Quebec. He works as a staff writer at LANDR by day and writes indie post-punk tunes in his band UTILS while moonlighting as drummer for folk-rock outfit The Painters. Connect with Alex Lavoie on LANDR Network!

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