The 7 Best Spotify Playlist Curators to Grow Your Audience

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Whether you’re an established artist or are new to releasing music, Spotify playlist curators can be a golden ticket to reaching new audiences and increasing your streaming statistics.

If you’re wondering how to get your music on a Spotify playlist or where to find the best Spotify playlist curators, then read on.

How to get on a Spotify playlist

It’s no secret that it’s hard to make a living from music streaming alone, but getting added to the right Spotify playlist can help you to up your numbers and secure new listeners. So how do you get your music added to Spotify playlists?

1. Submit your music for consideration directly

One way to get your music on a Spotify playlist is by submitting it directly to the editorial team at Spotify HQ.

To do that, you’ll need to distribute your music to Spotify through a music distribution service like LANDR. You can then log in to Spotify for Artists before the project’s release date and select a single song from your release to submit for consideration.

Completing the playlist submission form is your opportunity to sell the track by providing information on its style, instrumentation, composition and any other details that might be of interest to Spotify’s editorial team.

The restriction with this option is that you can only submit one track for consideration at any one time, and you must submit it at least one week before it’s released.

2. Pitch your music to Spotify playlist curators

This next step requires a little more leg work but can yield some great results if you’re prepared to invest some time in finding and pitching to the right curators.

As well as Spotify’s official editorial playlists, there are countless playlists by independent curators who are constantly on the lookout for exciting new music to share with their listenership.

Each Spotify playlist curator has a different niche or sonic aesthetic, as well as their own process for submitting music for consideration. For these reasons, it’s important to do your research into each curator, the kind of music they might be interested in and how they prefer to receive submissions.

Unlike pitching your music directly to Spotify, you can pitch multiple tracks to multiple curators simultaneously, even after your music has been released.

3. Enlist the help of a music PR company

If selling your music and yourself as an artist isn’t your strong point, there are specialist music PR companies that you can enrol to take care of the business side of things.

There are several benefits to this approach. One is that music PR companies are experienced in understanding how to sell your music to the right people.

Another is that the right music PR company is likely to have an existing network of relevant Spotify playlist curators, and may therefore be able to get your music heard by key decision-makers.

Finally, handing sales and admin duties over to someone else will free up more time for you to create your next hit.

Unlike pitching your music yourself, this option will cost you money, so it might only be a viable option for established artists who already have a strong following.

Releasing music soon? Watch this.

Releasing music soon? Watch this.

Best Spotify playlist curators

As we’ve already established, different curators tend to specialize in different styles of music. This means the best Spotify playlist curator for your new House hit won’t necessarily be the best curator for your friend’s foray into K-Pop.

The biggest and best Spotify playlist curators might receive hundreds of submissions a day, so it’s vital that you do your research to ensure that you’re sending your music to the right curators in order to be taken seriously.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the best Spotify playlist curators for getting your music on Spotify playlists.

Spotify for Artists

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We can’t talk about the best Spotify playlist curators without mentioning Spotify themselves. With the algorithm on their side, official Spotify playlists have some of the biggest followings and stats.

That said, they’re also some of the hardest playlists to break into, owing to the sheer number of submissions they receive on a daily basis.

In order to boost your chances of getting your music accepted into an official Spotify editorial playlist, you could first try to grow your audiences with some of the Spotify playlist curators listed below.

Rizing Playlists

This Denmark-based Spotify playlist curator is responsible for a range of playlists that cover a broad spectrum of contemporary music styles.

Their series of Rizing playlists have racked up over 177,000 followers across 29 playlists, which include genres such as Pop, Indie, Rave, Rap, Classical and more.

Rizing Playlists are dedicated to uncovering some of the most promising up-and-coming artists, making them an ideal curator for independent artists to target when trying to expand their listenership.

If you want to be considered for one of Rizing Playlists’ frequently-updated playlists, you can submit your music via their online submission form.

For the Love of Bands

If you’re making Indie music as a band as opposed to electronic music as an individual, For the Love of Bands is a Spotify playlist curator that you really ought to check out.

As well as running a blog page with Reviews, Tips and Interviews, For the Love of Bands maintains a number of playlists that seek to uncover the some of best emerging artists.

Musical styles covered include the many sub-genres of Indie and Rock such as Punk Rock, Surf Rock, Indie Folk and many more.

You can submit your music to For the Love of Bands for free using their online submission form.


While we’re on the subject of Indie Rock, let’s take a look at another Spotify playlist curator that specializes in the genre.

The BIRP! Spotify profile has over 35,000 followers and shares a new playlist each month with over 100 new Indie tracks. This demonstrates their dedication to keeping up to date with all things Indie.

You can submit your Indie tracks to BIRP! for consideration via their Submithub page.

Daily Playlists

If we’re being pedantic, this next curator isn’t exactly a Spotify playlist curator. Instead, Daily Playlists is a curator of Spotify playlist curators. This is known as a playlisting service, which can be an effective way of reaching a wider audience more quickly.

Responsible for over 18 thousand Spotify playlists, Daily Playlists serves as a middle-man between artists and curators. After you use their simple online submission form, your track becomes available to their 3000 Spotify playlist curators.

Daily Playlists has two tiers. The Free Tier lets you submit your music to Standard Curators, or you can sign up for their Pro Tier for access to exclusive features including an automated submission system.


This next website is another playlisting service and works similarly to Daily Playlists. Spotify playlist curators can submit their playlists, and then artists can browse by style or genre to find playlists that suit their music.

Each playlist on the Soundplate website provides some key information about the contents of the playlist, including the number of followers, average song tempo and average song duration.

Once you’re happy that your music is a good fit for the playlist, you can submit it in just a few clicks.


The final Spotify playlist curator on this list describes itself as “the matchmaker between your music and tastemakers”.

Much like Daily Playlist and Soundplate, MySphera is a playlisting service that promises to connect you and your music with influential music bloggers, journalists and Spotify playlist curators.

MySphera even takes care of some of the work for you by analyzing your submission and only sending it to the most relevant tastemakers.

There are three campaign tiers to choose from, each at a different price point. One of MySphera’s unique selling points is their No Features = Money Back policy.

So which Spotify playlist curator is best for me?

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing which Spotify playlist curator is best.

There are several factors to consider, including your music style, budget, what your goals are and where you are in your music production career.

If you want to find out which Spotify playlist curator is best for you, try pitching to some of the curators we’ve discussed above and see what works for you, your music and your Spotify statistics.

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