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Finding the perfect sample is an inspiring moment for any producer—one loop can inspire an entire track, a vocal sample can define a beat’s arrangement, and a particularly punchy 808 kick can add the necessary oomph to truly make a song bump.

But finding the perfect sample can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you find yourself sifting through massive sample libraries.

Trusting your taste is hard enough, but having to keep your vision in mind while browsing through millions of samples can cause decision paralysis and slow you down.

So while most royalty-free sample marketplaces boast impressive libraries with millions of samples, the best ones offer excellent curation from premium makers and ideally a robust search feature.

That’s why we’re so excited about LANDR’s brand new search tool that recently launched on the LANDR Samples marketplace.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why it’s so powerful and how you can use it in your workflow to find better samples and start creating tracks fast.

Let’s get started.

A sample search tool built differently

Imagine a sound, then search for it and find exactly what you wanted to hear—that’s the dream workflow, right?

With LANDR Samples, that dream is now much closer to being a reality.

Here’s why Samples’ new search tool is so useful.

Imagine a sound, then search for it and find exactly what you wanted to hear—that’s the dream workflow, right?

Get specific with your keywords

LANDR Samples’ database is exhaustively tagged with various keywords relating to genres, styles, instrument types, instrument brands, reference artists, sample types and much more.

That means you can get super specific with your keywords and find exact results much faster.

Find samples for moods and more creative inputs

If you’re looking for something that’s more difficult to describe, try searching for moods or feelings and get as creative as you want.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond basic descriptors like “sad” or “happy” and try complex and descriptive emotions!

Hone in results with smart filters

LANDR Samples search now features some powerful filtering options if you’re looking to get really specific.

Group results by instrument, genre, SFX, BPM and key from a simple filter panel.

You can also toggle quickly between one-shots and loops, depending on what you’re looking for.

Search for samples within sample packs

Product image

Space inspired SFX


There are some large sample packs on the LANDR Samples library.

Like SPACESHIPS, a sci-fi-themed sound effects pack from Pro SFX with over 1,000 samples or Vice Synthwave, a 300-sample synth-laden pack from Production Master.

Samples’ new search tool offers the ability to now search within a specific pack, so you can navigate large sample libraries and find exactly what you’re looking for quickly.

Product image

Retro synthwave vibes

Get Vice Synthwave

5 new ways to use LANDR Samples’ search

Now that you know what LANDR’s new search tool can do, let’s take a look at some more unique use cases that might be new to you.

Here’s five new ways to use LANDR Samples’ search.

1. Make a type beat

If you’re making a type beat in the style of a rapper or producer, LANDR Samples’ search makes it incredibly easy to quickly start browsing samples that are similar to an artist’s style.

All you have to do is search the name of the artist for whom you’re making a type beat and you’ll instantly get results featuring great samples tagged as sounding similar to a certain artist.

You can also add filters to get the specific kind of type beat loop or one shot you’re looking for.

So many sample packs are made for type-beat producers looking to produce in a certain style, LANDR Samples make it easy to go through these packs and pull the exact sounds you want.

2. Make a custom drum rack

Product image

The best 90s hip-hop samples

Get 90s Hip-Hop Rack

Looking for a specific kick, snare or hi-hat sound for your drumrack?

If you have a special vision in mind for your next drum rack setup or sample bank, search for the sounds you’re imagining on LANDR Samples.

Get as granular as you want, set the search results to one shots or use a filter and find the exact drum sounds you’re looking for.

3. Build a sample-based synth with one-shots

Being able to sift through one-shot samples with a high degree of precision means you can use queries to design a sample-based synth of your own making.

Set the search to one-shots and put in queries for the kind of synth tone you’re looking for.

Don’t be afraid to name specific kinds or makes of gear—you can even search the brand or model names of the kinds of synths you want, especially when it comes to vintage synths.

For example, you can now search for TB-303 synth bass sounds, Juno-60 pad samples or a vintage DX-7 lead—get creative with your searches and dream big.

4. Find a rap vocal for your beat

Writing a great trap loop is super fun, but figuring out an arrangement for a beat isn’t always so straightforward.

One trick is to arrange to a pre-made rap vocal. Producers often find that having a vocal part to arrange to is helpful for making arrangement decisions.

So, search for a rap vocal on LANDR Samples and get specific with the kind of rap you’re looking for.

5. Get outrageously specific

LANDR Samples’ new search is keyword based, meaning you can use specific keywords to find exactly what you need to add that missing ingredient your track needs.

Looking for the sound of rain on a car roof-top? Or maybe you need amazon rainforest sounds?

No matter what you need, get as specific as you want and find the exact sound you’re imagining.

Try LANDR Samples search now!

It’s not always easy to find the perfect sample, especially if you’re browsing a library of over one million samples.

That’s why LANDR Samples’ new search feature is so valuable—it makes it that much easier to dial in exactly what you’re looking so you can stop browsing and start creating.

Anyone can try it right now on LANDR Samples, so head over and start playing with the new search tool.

Keep an eye out for the tooltips and find what you’re looking for fast!

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