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  1. nelson Reis

    great news , keep it up with the good work , 1 year now im using LANDR survices and i love it . thank you Guys.

  2. Mattia Proietti

    wowowoww amazing work and idea … I really appreciate your efforts

  3. luwa

    Keep it up

  4. Vanessa


  5. SIjah

    Great work landr team!

  6. SleepingWater

    Looks Great ;)

  7. Techno&Trance

    Thanks for your work guys, well done and keep going (y) ;)

  8. Mike Deliaphaito Weathersby

    When you master as many tracks as I have, and you guys say improvements coming, well I’m down with that, thx

  9. Dj Slomotion

    Omg! I have been using this for about a year now and I love it keep up the great work!

  10. DComplex

    Niiice I want to get the year plan as soon as I can… Thank you!

  11. Lindsey

    Looking forward to seeing LANDR go from like to love. Very exciting!

  12. Anonymous

    I likeee , Go Forth!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Awesome. You guys should make a mixing machine for rap/hip hop! Now that would change the game… ? But that’s wishful thinkin!

  14. Shot Caller

    Awesome! You guys should make a mixing machine for rap/hip hop! Now that would change the game…. But that’s wishful thinkin lol great job thoe

  15. X

    Keep up the good work, you all are awesome! Bam!

  16. Bikram Singh

    Looking forward to this new release!

  17. Anonymous

    let’s do this asap!!….anything that improves the experience, ease of use, and efficiency is much welcome!!

  18. lshawone

    because of great mastering I’m fully independent as an artist when it comes to writing, recording, and mixing.
    I let you guys take care of the mastering!!!

    I’m looking forward to the new features!!!

  19. Mark Moore

    As one of the early pro adopters I’ve always had faith with Landr and use it all the time as my one stop shop for mastering. Paul Edwards’ technical prowess coupled with the top customer service from Vanessa Salvo continue to reward. Thanks to the Landr team for continuing to innovate. Blessings.

  20. NorbertSN

    Can’t wait…great gets better.

  21. D.

    it’s gonna come out as a VST plugin????

  22. Elien Moss

    I thank you guys for having this tool. It help me out more than you might know. Thanks

  23. JulianoDaVinci

    I can’t wait to hear the new mastering architecture. Really dope platform.

  24. DJ Flash

    … So Far LANDR has Enhanced Our Back Catalog Wich Dates Back to the Early 1980’s … We Were Suspicious at First. With LANDR We Could Hear The Difference Immediately & At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Studio Mastering. So Now In 2016 We’re Re-Mastering Our Entire Back Catalog Which Includes Early Master Recordings by ICE T, DR. DRE, 2 Live Crew, Rich Cason & Many Other Old School Rap Artists. They Sound Better Than Ever. Rappers Rapp Disco Co. & DJ Flash Salute LANDR.

  25. Anonymous

    great, keep on moving

  26. VinnyxVindettaz

    I love you Landr <3


    Was already a good tool but as Entein used to say “Nothing happen until something start to move” So keep it moving and keep making it better, keep the great work!!


    Was already a good tool but as Eintein used to say: “Nothing happen until something start to move”
    So keep it moving and keep making it better, keep the great work!!

  29. Angel

    Cool,can’t wait to try it out!!

  30. Vir-Amicus

    This is great! I have been using LANDR for over a year now (an Early Adopter) and love it. I also dj and mastering my dj tracks post has been tremendous along with music compositions. The new dj tag for the app is great and already wondrous graphics can’t wait to see what’s next with this amazing app. I have also used this with my own music/songs as a mastering process and soon will be releasing a CD with all my tracks mastered through LANDR just gotta finish two songs! Although I have pre-released two songs already on Bandcamp. Thank you for all the work that you all have put into this wonderful gem that gives greatly to the process of mastering and options on sound clarity. luv and great light!

  31. Stxx

    Im huge fan and the defender of Landr so I can’t wait for the next round of improvements. The last time you guys gave us an update the changes had enormous noticeable impact on be quality of the Masters made the difference between me using it for my final projects vs only using it as a test during my mixing workflow. Landr for me is easily now good enough that I use it for all my production and a CD releases. Keep it up!you guys are awesome!

  32. leroy valentine

    thats great news

  33. Anonymous

    cant wait. i love landr!!!

  34. Christian Human

    Thanks LANDR for a great service!!

  35. Wendell Elam

    I was hooked when I tried the free mastering sample! Great service- haven’t heard anything else online that is as good as you guys:)

  36. Eric

    When will this be released?

    • Scott Parsons

      Very Soon!

  37. zé neto

    Can´t wait!

  38. Anonymous

    hospitalize this please. it looks so sick

  39. Shane Thornton "Black Cadillac Kings"

    What a fantastic service! Getting LANDR better too? Wow! Can’t wait! Great work!

  40. The 4

    Looking forward to your big launch…

  41. Tsar

    Great work guys! Thanks

  42. moonstunes

    LANDR keeps getting better

  43. Anonymous

    voces são demais

  44. Anonymous

    Thanks LANDR for the info , tips and services.
    BIG UP!

  45. Jerry

    You all are just awesome. I thought the BEST was already here (Landr) and now you say more improvements are coming……….I’m right here waiting for the Bestest….lol……..Great service.

  46. Genesis Thegenius

    I have no clue what this is all about. What does photo mastering have to do with audio mastering? All the pictures show are blurry images. Nothing to sneak peek or look at.

  47. Scott Parsons

    The wait is over!

    Happy mastering everyone.


  48. Newman Sibisi

    Just can’t wait to see this!

  49. Dro

    I’m Looking Forward To The New Landr Update.

  50. Jukka

    Well, guys, I’ve been very happy and satisfied with your mastering service. Hope it stays as good as it is, at least. I think I will continue with it another year, if the price is still ok for a simple music maker… :-)

  51. Brent Smaill

    Who would of thought this would be possible to Master like this! Love what you are doing this is truly amazing.
    Thank you so much. Brent.

  52. antonio varano

    nice !!

  53. RV3RS

    I love you landr!!! You have taught me alot about my sound!!!

    • Scott Parsons


      We love you too! Thanks for reaching out.

      Let us know any time if there’s anything we can do to help. :)


  54. Sridhar Saravanan

    Hope you now have a feature to master an entire album and not just a track!

  55. Timothy Green

    LANDR gave my track an added ‘bounce’. will give you some more to work to play with when im set up again!!!!xxx

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