The 10 Best Piano Sample Packs to Get Inspired By

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The 10 Best Piano Sample Packs to Get Inspired By

Who doesn’t love a little piano sample? It’s such a great instrument to sample because you can do so much with it.

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Whether it’s chord progressions, bass lines, melody or an entire part, you can get so much out of a piano sample.

Beatmakers and music producers are always on the hunt for cool samples because they’re easily one of the most important and recognizable instruments in music.

Whether it’s a lo-fi melody, a bluesy electric riff, or a soulful progression, we’ve put together this list of great piano sample packs where you’ll find any genre or texture you can imagine.

Here’s the 10 best piano sample packs.

1. Prepared Piano

Prepared Piano is inspired by famous composers like John Cage and Brian Eno who de-constructed the piano and invented entirely new sounds with the classical instrument.

In the pack you’ll find ambient everything from the most atmospheric piano parts to the most jarring scrapes and bumps.

Start here if you’re looking for bouncy piano lines, ambient inspiration or intensive modern-classical samples.

Our favorite sample from the pack: LANDR_PP_Piano_01_keyDMaj_140bpm

2. Electric Piano 1

In Electric Piano you’ll find some great re-creations of classic electric piano riffs.

Perfect for getting sounds from the funk and blues revolution the electric piano started in the 60s and 70s.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 05 Electric Piano EP1 05 – 90 BPM – F#m

3. Urban Made Piano Vol 1

For classic jazz ballad inspired piano licks, Urban Made Piano is definitely a go-to sample pack.

It’s meticulously curated down to 36 individual samples that each have the capacity to inspire an entire track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Urban Made Piano V1 121 – Am

4. Soul Pack

Soul Pack is a collection from New York-based keyboardist, Jon Solo.

It features a big selection of amazing piano and electric piano samples from his collection of vintage keyboards at his personal studio.

Our favorite sample from the pack: folk_piano_keyGMaj-A-C_85bpm

5. Amazon Grand Piano

For a selection of professionally recorded grand piano samples, untouched by effects or processing, Amazon Grand Piano is for you.

Get 100 different ideas, chords, motifs, melodies and more–all pristinely recorded on grand piano.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Grand Piano (Dry) 100bpm Dm

6. Emotional Piano Melodies Vol 3

Low key, atmospheric, and melancholic are all words you could use to describe the overall vibe of this sample pack.

It’s the perfect pack for the next time you make a rainy day kind of track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: EPM3_115_6_CHORDS 

7. Symphonic Series Vol 7: Piano and Orchestra 2

Pianos are incredible instruments because they do such a great job of telling a story, especially when you think about the classical piano style.

For a cinematic piano part that will tell your story any piano sample from Symphonic Series Vol 7 is an excellent place to start.

Our favorite sample from the pack: PL_SSV7PO2_01_Piano_Bars_19-27_120_F_Major_Dry

8. After Hours

Saturated, warbling and dusty piano loops are what characterize this lo-fi themed piano sample pack.

Check out After Hours and get piano samples that are begged to be chopped into a tasty new lo-fi beat.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 07 Vintage Melodic 75BPM

9. Pop Piano Anthems Vol 1

Pop piano is always processed and effect to make it blend into a mix that suits pop’s hard-hitting, punchy nature.

Pop Piano Anthems has that crispy sound, get inspiring chord progressions, tasty melodies and more.

Our favorite sample from the pack: PLPPAV1_001_A_Piano_090_Dmin

10. Emotional Piano Melodies Vol 2

Get your track started on a low-key vibe with an emotionally tinged piano part.

For the perfect tear-jerker look to Emotional Piano Melodies Vol 2.

Our favorite sample from the pack: EPM2 06_Full kit

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