1. Anonymous

    Badass. Could really use this. As a matter of fact, I really need this. Unfortunately, and much to my disdain, I have a Mac.

  2. Odorico Carvalho

    I did not know that something like this were available. I am excited to use and test it.

  3. Sean Tiffany

    Does your computer need to be online to have the ap work or will it work on a computer that is not hooked to the internet?

    • Scott Parsons


      The Desktop app works in tandem with your LANDR account, so you will have to login using an internet connection before using the app.

      Hope this helps :)


  4. David Stephens

    This is the best app. It’s very convenient, fast & efficient. No more waiting for emails then downloading and listening. I love the A/B (original/mastered) listening live. It’s great to have that built in to the app.

    Thanks for releasing the Windows version.

    This is one of the best things to happen to my music. I’ve never written more, better quality music thanks to you guys.

  5. Hlapho

    This is the best and the most useful music app I think I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the awesome work. Cheers!!.

  6. juno

    im really excited to use this. anyone else have a great time with this app?

  7. Pro_Mahindu

    This is really really Amazing! Who knew this kind of technology would come forth??

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