The LANDR Desktop App Is Now Available For Windows

The LANDR Desktop App Is Now Available For Windows

The LANDR Desktop App is now available for Windows. Rejoice.

We made LANDR for everyone. That’s why we’re super excited to announce that our superb desktop app is now available for Windows.

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download_the_appWindows – Requires  7 and above

You probably already know what it does. Because you’ve been waiting patiently (and excitedly) for the Windows app to come out.

But in case you don’t know just how cool the app is, here’s how it’s gonna make your creative process WAY easier.


Master Automatically From Your DAW

The LANDR app fits seamlessly into your DAW process. Just point your DAW exports to the new LANDR bounce folder.

The app will automatically master every masterpiece you export.

That means going from mixed to mastered faster than you can say ‘808.’


Good, better, best, bulk

Want to master an entire album? Or maybe your entire back catalogue?

Now you can master it all at once.

Drag-and-drop entire folders into the app.

The app will start mastering everything automatically. How’s that for convenience?


Automatic backup straight to the cloud

Everything you master on the app, and on, is automatically backed up to our super secure cloud—accessible from anywhere, anytime.

So the next time you see that big shot record exec, you’ll be quick on the draw.


The LANDR App: Ready for you

The LANDR app for windows is here. Download the app now. Master faster. And enjoy the feeling of having more time to create.

Use it to do what counts the most: pursuing the perfect sound.

Rory Seydel

Rory Seydel is a musician, writer and father who takes pleasure in touring the world and making records. Creative Director at LANDR.

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