10 Exclusive Sample Packs You’ll Only Find on LANDR Samples

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10 Exclusive Sample Packs You’ll Only Find on LANDR Samples

Throughout the history of sampling, finding unique samples that no one else has ever heard or used has always been key for crafting your own sound.

It’s still true today, even with royalty-free sample market places.

Every producer wants to be sure that the samples they get their hands on are special and exclusive.

That’s why each month we’re letting you in on a secret cache of exclusive samples from LANDR.

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Our favorite lo-fi sounds

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Here’s 10 exclusive LANDR sample packs we loved in October.

1. Vexxxed – UK Drill & Trap

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UK drill music is the fusion of UK grime with drill music from Chicago.

It’s been growing in popularity ever since UK based AXL Beats worked with Pop Smoke to create the most convincing fusion of the two genres yet.

Vexxxed carries on this tradition by offering incredible grimy UK rap acapellas, bumping 808s, winding synth samples and the hard-hitting trap hats that drill is known for.

It’s perfect for making Pop Smoke or Skepta type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAVE_vocal_loop_140_payment_full vocal

2. Syrup 2 – New Wave Trap

Atlanta is the birthplace of modern trap. Producers like Metro Boomin and Zaytoven pioneered the genre with their personal touches and specific sounds.

Syrup 2 is your go-to if you want samples that are authentic to that Atlanta trap sound.

It’s full of hard-hitting drum kits, powerful 808s, chimey synths, brooding pads and much more.

Get this pack if you want to make 21 Savage or Migos type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAS2_trap_full_drum_loop_160_low

3. Night Roses – Guitar Trap

Guitar recently gained popularity as a prominent instrument in trap music with the rise of the emo trap subgenre.

In Night Roses you get exactly what you need to create authentic emo trap tracks with perfectly recorded guitar samples.

Perfect for making Juice WRLD or Lil Uzi Vert type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAS2_trap_full_drum_loop_160_low

4. Painkiller

Today’s trap music calls for some pretty hard-hitting drums and 808s.

But it also calls for tripped out synth samples and emotional chords.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in Painkiller. The sample pack focuses on the psychedelic yet sensitive side of trap production.

Perfect for making Travis Scott or Rich the Kid type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAPK_808_loop_142_C#min_gangster arp

5. Trap Caviar 2

Named after the famous Spotify playlist that’s known for breaking new artists into the mainstream, Trap Caviar is the sample pack that will help you get there.

You’ll find bouncy melody loops, chunky drum kits, booming 808s and much more.

Get this sample pack to make Drake or NLE Choppa type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AACT2_trap_synth_loop_effected_90_Fmin_shima: 

6. Latenight Lo-fi Beats 2

Latenight Lo-Fi Beats 2 is the sequel to our best selling lo-fi sample pack.

If you’re looking to make chilled out lo-fi infused hip-hop, this sample pack is an absolute go-to.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AALN2_Lo-Fi_Keys_Loop_90bpm_Dmin_ready

7. Obsesion Reggaeton – Reggaeton Trap Beats

The fusion of reggaeton and trap was inevitable. The two genres complement each other so well.

Obsesion Reggaeton embodies this new vibe—combining that classic reggaeton beat with sunny melody loops and hard-hitting trap drums.

Perfect for making Rosalia or Bad Bunny type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AABF_Reggaeton_melody_loop_104_C#min_latino

8. Autonomy 3 – Hiphop & Trap

Autonomy 3 is your classic trap sample pack, it’s really got everything you need to piece together a unique sound.

You’ll find all kinds of trap friendly melody samples, 808s, drumkits and more.

Perfect for making Offset or Tyga type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAAT3_melody_loop_150_Bmin_spacey

9. Fuego – Reggaeton Trap

If you’re looking to add some extra fire to your reggaeton trap beat, definitely check out Fuego.

The name says it all—this is your go-to for fiery guitars, sensual synth melodies and, of course, that trap-infused reggaeton drum sound.

Perfect for making Farruko or Ozuna type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAFU_reggaeton_trap_full_drum_loop_98_beeps

10. Safehouse – Dirty Trap Beats

Some trap artists stick to a dark and scary aesthetic.

This sample pack riffs on the creepy sounding lead lines, synth textures and overall vibe authentic to dark trap.

Perfect for making DaBaby or Lil Pump type beats.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AASH_pluck_loop_Emin_172bpm

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