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  1. Luar


  2. Chris magumcock

    The name of my band is tenderpussi. Check us out

  3. Takuma Iwakawa

    The post is great information for DEMO sender for label(s).

  4. Palmetto


  5. Appletherapper

    Thank you for this insight, will do!

  6. camilo guerrero

    failed in the first ones

  7. jamie
  8. No Fury Dubstep

    Great article. PS. Check out my original tracks

  9. thanks again
  10. john dennis

    Thanx for the tip`s. How would i get my music on to sound cloud streams?

    • Rory Seydel

      Just upload it to soundcloud!

  11. antonio

    I want to be famous and rich please…

  12. Andy

    Hey check out my band’s demo right here: We’re 19 years old

    • Cristiano-Hausers

      good sound guys!

  13. Adam Spector

    I really enjoyed this article; it certainly gave me food for thought. Not because I’m after a record deal, but because there’s a lot I don’t know about record labels and think that I should; so time for some research!

  14. Paco

    Hello Rory,hope you are ok.
    I would like to ask you about this that you mentioned in DONT,what exactly means,because I don t understand properly.
    No one is looking to corner the market on 38-year-old producers.
    Looking forward for your answer.

    Thank you and have a great week.Paco

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi Paco,

      I didn’t write the article but I think what Thomas is getting at is that there is no need to include your age when submitting demos. Age doesn’t matter, so no need to include it with your music :)

      • Paco

        Hi Rory,
        Thank you for your quick response,now I see that I got
        the right picture of what he meant.
        I really liked this article how to send a demo to the labels,
        as well other articles on LANDR.
        Thank you and Keep the good work,Paco

  15. jaime

    What a great place to start networking!. i really enjoy the services that LANDR is providing. here is a link to a song i recorded. everybody enjoy and have a great one !!!

  16. Mseventy DeeTee

    I see I
    Dnt need to surfer A & R`s r the best, let me to so cz am srus about music

    Advantage is dat am 20 years
    Fb – Mseventy DeeTee

  17. ALFRED

    NICE ARTICLE but, I would read some quick examples of how to write a letter for the record label, i mean a short INTRO and what information is relevant, or just, “HEY IM ALFRED LISTEN MY DEMO- LINK BELOW”

  18. Kill The Upstart (@killtheupstart)

    This is a huge help, thanks.

  19. Nick
  20. Xray

    Good article….Thank you

  21. Minority

    I don’t want to be loud, I don’t want to be the next anything, I don’t need money, and the masses scare me! I just want to touch as many souls as I possibly can before I move on to the next existence. All while I’m behind the light. Its not about me and what you see but about what you make of the music I’m handing to you!


  22. RA productions

    I like the imfo and will keep everthing you said in mind.I’m over45yrs old and still have the love for music to my grave.

  23. Down To Rock Multimedia, LLC

    Excellent Article from a source in the industry!

  24. evaristo eb

    great tips, I learned something!

  25. Supa Skip

    Mood Board… elaborate more on that if you can

  26. Natasha Nafrini

    Thank you. Great article.

  27. Milad

    Firsly, thanks for the great and a informative article.
    Secondly, Id likecto ask why I dont get a “NO” from any labels?
    I would like to know what Im doing wrong, that I dont even get a rejection email from record labels?

  28. Alexandria Palmer

    Wow everything on this site is extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

  29. Dominik

    Unfortunately it looks like the e-Book is unable to be downloaded. Is there any chance to get it?

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hey Dominik! We’ve fixed that, thanks for letting us know. Happy reading :)

  30. egoboy

    thnx 4 the insight man.

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