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  1. Tom

    I can’t begin to tell you how much time the ‘upload once, master many times’ feature is going to save me! Brilliant stuff!

    • Anonymous

      Same!!! The Crew At LANDR Can Testify!! Haha, and the finalize.. Oh.. that’s awesome..

  2. Chris

    Excellent can’t wait to try this out…

  3. Peter

    You guys rock!

  4. Peter

    You guys rock… keep it up !

  5. Underground Force

    The future is here…Well done.

  6. Mike Peters

    WoW, Cant Wait to give It a Try .

  7. Calvin

    I have been here since the beginning! Love the improvements and electronic and acoustic stuff sound amazing through Landr but still not Metal! Distortion Must be tough on it! Wish you guys could figure it out :) Still love your site and use it a lot! The support is awesome too!

  8. Louis Brown

    Love the set up

  9. Anonymous

    Wow – are any of these comments real?

  10. Su

    are these changes reflected in the desktop app as well? is it an auto-update or do we have to update it?

  11. Kayle

    I am very new to home recording. I have recorded half of my life but never with myself behind the controls. Mastering was definitely the area I was most worried about. Not anymore. Can’t wait to use it.

  12. Bryan

    Just amazing. How does it work? I’m really curious. I think where this is going to come in most handy is for testing out mixes to make sure they are master ready.

  13. Vir-Amicus

    Just logged in yesterday to do some mastering and shazam…love the new format! I am an early adopter and began using LANDR to master my own music/vocals and esp dj mixes. It has been a great help in the process. And esp this new format with your tracks sitting there for you to see and no need to bring the track in again (if one chooses to leave the track for later). And album art and being able to change the track name – classy. Thanks to all who made this possible and continue to create even more greatness. The GUI and showing the MB total and process written and visual – yes to the yes-ness!

    • Scott Parsons


      Thanks for reaching out. Happy that you’re liking the new site! :)

      We’re always working hard to make LANDR better for you, so it’s great to hear your positive feedback. We appreciate you and your music!

      Feel free to get in touch any time if there’s anything we can do for you.

      Happy mastering.


  14. Anonymous

    on Round with Landr can’t wait to hear the results

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