1. Claudius

    All of these steps are useful, but the problem is that there is such an ocean of music on these platforms, that how does anything stand out? A label with good public relations, advertising, media strategy, tour support, etc can make a great difference. Otherwise, you can try to do all that yourself, assuming you are skilled at all those aspects, and have a good business sense, and the time to spare, and money to invest in it all…all in addition to actually making the music.

    It still “takes a village” to succeed. You need a team.

    • the blue elephant

      couldn’t agree more with you man. whenever i read these sorts of articles they always give the example of the ONE guy who lucked out without a team behind him promoting….it’s like…ya ok….now let’s look at how statistically we can make it work…and statistically you go back to the label doing the marketing and PR for you with a big budget at that

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good point but I would say stand out by producing music that blows the competition away.

      • Anonymous


  2. Jeremy Rodney-Hall

    I’m going to make myself known and say thank you so much for this information. Your site has been helping me so much by allowing me to make and mix my music with the confidence that when I master with LANDR, the song is finished. Thank you so much i’m going to take all this advice and use it to the best of my ability, and God knows I will be able to work hard, pursue this passion, all thanks to you!



  3. Dorian

    Awesome article ! keep it going :)

  4. Derek Atkinson

    Where were you guys 20yrs ago? I dropped my current Master/ Engineer because he was not serious about starting a Mastering Class and so now fully committed to LANDR! Thanks for your info about “Da Biz”, and all the other fun stuff!

  5. Brandon Cobb

    My artist name is HuGo Houston|Chicago. I recently used Landr like really, yesterday to master my first single “StarChaser” on iTunes preorder October 5th through Tunecore!!! I’m stoked!!! Just what the Dr. Ordered in this sickening industry.

  6. Tevin Capehart

    Thanks for the info your site has given me so much more knowledge as far as it goes with the music industry. I was just an artist at home recordin on my phone n laptop, and had no idea of how to get my music out their or for people to hear it. Now i have a more open view on how to do things myself n for this site i think all artist will love and learn from it. This is a whole new level when it comes to new artist, old artist n just producing music #NEXT LEVEL Tunes?????????

  7. Joe Sigrest

    I really enjoyed it bro. I have such a big collection of my original music I am just trying to make sure my bases are covered. The music is there I just want the rest to be on point

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