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  1. Brandon Finley

    What a great article! I literally have 10 tabs open with all of the sources you linked into this article. I can’t wait to dive even deeper into them.

  2. Charles Webb

    There is no way I could describe how important music is on a comment section. I’m sure anyone reading comments here would agree. I do worry about the future of albums and physical books. They are both magical things that I hope never go away. I used to never think that video stores would go away. I loved going to rent a movie. Part of the fun was going and looking at the covers and selecting the film for the night, and picking up some over priced candy. Now they are are all but gone. I do listen to music a lot on line. I make sure to support artists that I like. I buy albums when I can, especially vinyl. I feel like a kid again when I get home and unwrap it and put it in the record player. I enjoy that first listening while I look at the album cover and read whatever contents are on and in that. We must make sure that never goes away. I also want to say that we as artists need to make sure to always support each other and never consider other artists to be competition. We are all in this together. I also have only discovered LANDR last night. So I have a lot of work to catch up on. I wish I could add more to the conversation. I do look forward to reading more on this blog.

  3. Lifer

    It has not been unusual, historically, for one song to propel an album to gold or platinum status. Much, if not most of the Cd boom was based on one good to great song surrounded by mediocre filler. This was deliberate subterfuge by the industry. That said, Album-equivalent units are a red herring perpetuated by the old music biz as embodied by a trade magazine that will soon compete with Cashbox for the honor of becoming the first trade publication with its own Behind The Music special. Does anyone under 30 read Billboard or care about the Billboard chart?

  4. Andrew

    This is great – we were having the same discussion in the curators community over at musicto – albums will always be around but this time because the artist intentionally uses that format to make their statement – rather than being forced into that format because that’s how the industry worked. I will often catch a track on a playlist – move that over to a holding playlist and then go listen to the artist’s latest album – I still want to hear what they’ve got to say. Spotify still prioritizes Albums as the 5th thing you see on the app’s Your Library page – I don’t think they’re going away either.

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