Here’s Every #AskAnEngineer Video To Date

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Here’s Every #AskAnEngineer Video To Date

#AskAnEngineer is an ongoing YouTube where LANDR’s Senior Audio Engineer, Al Isler, answers questions from people like you!

If you like the #AskAnEngineer series here’s a compilation of every video so far.

Vocal Processing: How to Get Rid of Pops and Clicks

Al goes over his tips to get rid of the annoying pops and clicks that often appear in vocal takes.

What is a Music Producer and Should You Hire One?

Hiring a music producer is sometimes helpful for developing as an artist. See Al’s view on when it’s a good time to hire one.

How to Use Compression Properly Throughout Your Mix

Learn how Al uses compression in his mixing workflow.

Will Mix Bus Processing Affect my Master?

Al gives advice for using EQ in a mix bus while keeping your master clear.

Mixing Bass: Getting Rid of Distortion in Your Mix

Learn how Al removes unwanted distortion from the low end of a mix.

How to Thicken Vocals For a Bigger Mix

Al gives his advice for getting a punchier, more full sounding vocal sound.

Mixing Workflow: How to Finish a Track

Get your track finished faster with these helpful tips.

How to EQ Vocals: Tips for Stacking and Layering

Al explains his method for stacking and layering when EQing vocals.

808 Bass: How to Get a Hard-Hitting Mix

The 808 bass drum is a staple in many electronic genres See Al explain his methods for bringing out 808s without muddying the low end.

Mixing Techniques: What’s Important in a Mix?

Get Al’s advice for finding bringing out the most important parts of your track.

Analog Mixer vs. Audio Interface: Do I Need Them?

Not sure whether it’s more valuable to have an analog mixer or an audio interface?

Get Al’s take on what gear is necessary for your studio.

Mixing Vocals: Finding The Right Fit in Your Mix

Struggling to blend a vocal take into your mix? In this video Al shares a few tips for mixing vocals.

Can I Learn Mastering Without School?

Are you thinking about getting a formal education for mastering or audio production?

Al talks about his experience learning about the art of mixing and mastering.

How to Balance Your Mix

Struggling to find balance in your mix? Get Al’s expert advice on balancing your mix properly.

Headroom: How to Leave Space in Your Mix

If you aren’t careful it’s really easy to eat up headroom in your mix, Here’s Al’s tips to leave as much space as possible in your track.

How to Mix Low End for Crisp, Clear Sound

Mixing low end often revolves around getting rid of muddiness. In this video, Al shares his tips on how to add clarity and crispness to a track.

Pop Vocals: How to Get a Modern Sound

Trying nail that poppy vocal sound down? Here’s how Al does it in his projects.

Mixing with Headphones Tips and Advice

You don’t necessarily have to have an expensive monitor setup to get a good mix. Al shares his advice for mixing with headphones in this video.

Pink Noise Mixing: The Technique for Balancing Your Mix

Have you heard of the pink noise technique for mixing? Believe it or not, it can be a useful way to balance your mix. See Al explain why in this video.

4 Tips to Add Space to Your Mix Without Too Much Processing

Before trying to add space to your mix with a ton of processing, try Al’s 4 tips.

The 4 Best Ways to Fix a Thin Mix (Radio-Ready Sound)

Stuck a thin sound mix? This is what Al does when he thinks his mixes are too thin.

How to Mix Efficiently: 3 Tricks to Clear Your Mixing Workflow

Mixing can be very tedious especially if your workflow isn’t organized. Get Al’s tricks for clearing up any mixing workflow in this video.

Recording Background Vocals – 4 Ways to Get Separation in Your Mix

Struggling to separate background vocals in your mix? Al has 4 ways he uses to get better separation when recording background vocals.

Mastering for Streaming: What Happens After You Put Your Track Online?

Streaming platforms have upended the peak normalization loudness wars.

Al explains how RMS Normalization works and how you should think about mastering for streaming services.

Al Isler

Al Isler is a musician as well as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer who, according to his mom, "works with computers". Senior Audio Engineer at LANDR.

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