1. John Bullfrost


  2. Etienne

    Very inspiring. Thanks Rory!

  3. Luna

    A very good list!

    Also post a link to your music to reach a wider audience…??


    • Yungkid

      Thanks rory u have enlighten my ignorance in my musical Career

  4. dimos

    And i was searching for an opportunity to get rid these damn guitars of mine! :)

  5. yo

    On point.

  6. sunnylicious

    “57. Sell your turntables and buy guitars.”


  7. tonyesco

    Thanks for the Tips.
    Check out this song you gets no love by tony esco.https://soundcloud.com/tonyesco/you-gets-no-love-by-tony-esco-produced-by-icy-cold

    Follow and lets become friends

  8. tonyesco

    Great tips. i think I will start using splice. Follow me on soundcloud

  9. LarryHere

    56 and 57: Nice LCD reference.

  10. Greg

    I’ve used Landr a few times and think its real cool. I just like to have my Mix on point to get the most out of it!!


  11. The Hutch

    Great article – some great tips that must have taken a while to think of. One very small criticism… Please process your post images before uploading – the header image is 8MB!! We in the rural areas only get a miserly 6MB internet so it really SLOWS down your page and Google will knock you ranking on Page Speed.

    • Rory Seydel

      Thanks, will do!

  12. Rupert Harvey

    54 is the best advice anyone could give you

  13. Fox

    70. Just like Landr.

  14. MarvCritt

    Hey Im a hip hop artist/producer looking to collab and vibe with folks! Im from upstate NY! I also have a radio show called Marv’s World on Soul Shock Radio (tune in app) Tuesday’s and Thursday 9pm-11pm EST please send registered music so you’ll get paid it doesnt have to edited but that is preferred for more opportunities to be played on clean shows. Twitters: @MarvCritt @Marvsworld716 @Soulshockradio


      Thanks you for music tips because music is life

  15. Steph

    Excellent, I love the 37

  16. fayek

    Tip #37:

    Quit your day job.

    …. Sure! no problems…. one question though… how am i supposed to make music living out on the street eating garbage because i can’t afford food or shelter?

    I mean i know these tips are very subjective and are more as an inspiring point rather than a literal tip but….. don’t tease me like that… unless you guys wanna hire me. you guys wanna hire me? i live in montreal too so it’s doable!

    • Rory Seydel

      Haha best comment EVER. Come by the office, we’d love to show you around.

  17. nicolas

    My tip. stop play videogames. if you can’t then help me

  18. Heavy Empty

    dope– thanks for the great ideas Rory

  19. Bombario

    Don’t totally agree on this one:

    “Make music everyday – no matter how much time you have.”

    It’s sometimes much more productive to take a break and reconsider whatever you are doing. I’ll definitely try to be creative everyday, but that can also be cooking, photography, singing or reading an inspiring book.

  20. Francois Royer Mireault

    I think I will guitar my sells and turntable my buys. That what you meant right?

  21. Anonymous

    #16 I’ve looked all over my computer, inside and out, and there’s nothing called GarageBand anywhere.

  22. Anonymous

    Thanks for ur help and tips..Still learning more about your service…

  23. Chris

    56. Sell your guitars and buy turntables.

    57. Sell your turntables and buy guitars.


  24. Jota Grande

    Good tips ?

  25. Anonymous

    I agree, These tips will help me, and I know already this has helped hundreds of people Thank you :)

  26. abilx

    Man there’s this game called league of legend’s i can’t focus on my beats, i can’t get over this game. HELP ME GUYS

  27. Rah Beats

    Lol some of these are so funny xD enjoyed that . thx !

  28. Michael Manrique

    Prince would go part time and attend kingdom hall meetings, witness, and study.

  29. Tiffany

    Love this. Also I literally ask myself “what would Prince do” all the time; it’s pretty much my mantra and he is my spirit guide.

  30. Solcy

    What a captivating website, for music newbies. Keep it up!

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