1. John Holmes

    This article gave me some insights into creating a buzz and restored confidence in getting excited about music again. It’s easy to get lost in endlessly creating new loops, hooks and material etc. Had some bad experiences with previous bands too with regards to releasing and songwriting in general. Love the LANDR blogs. Always full of gems!


  2. wilkins lopez

    Help is always good for the mind body and soul

    • wilkins lopez

      Thanks again

  3. Jacksonne Amoko

    If you want it done, then do it yourself. Self confidence and determination leads to success, besides you need to be in that mood of music and have a control of everything you do and that’s exactly what I did. Thanks a lot for giving me more tips, I’ve just added it to my chart.

  4. CALI

    Very informative and nicely put together this article. Thanks for the great information.

  5. Roman Buehler

    I think this is about one of the best summaries in terms of self-production…

    I just overheard two girls talking about various things in the train, and when they touched the topic of releasing music, i simply could not resist interrupting then and give her the link to your post.

    I have no idea who she is, but I truly hope she takes these recommendations to heart…

    Thank you for an excellent post!

  6. Henri Galvão

    Nice text man, thank you! As for #5, I agree that for most artists is dangerous to do what Kanye did. On the other hand, he certainly can afford to do such things, and I think it also fits well with his artistic ambitions.

  7. Michele Botel

    Thanks for the informative and timely article. I am hosting a CD Release Party on Dec 10, 2016 for my new album “Away From Here.” I am very excited about it!!

  8. antonio

    Instead of motivating it get depress, doing music its really hard, but i really like success stories.
    If you have one share it.

  9. sick pro

    good job Scott, looks like you went threw a few experiences in music :) all best.

  10. PADDIMAN:::::::(patrick j darnbrough

    All the comments I have read have been very positive and inspirational and I can’t wait to upload my latest song to landr to do their thing.cheers for now,ps, won’t be long now.


    Awesome advice.

  12. Harvey , franos starbase music

    Yes indeed, so insightful and true. Goes to show we are just human with similar emotions. So thoughtful of you to share your experience with us. thanks man,[just a little Jamaican lingo]

  13. Victor

    An amazingly helpful eye- opener for me. Has given me real direction on what I should be doing now.
    Thanks for this blog.

  14. Joel Boutolleau

    Merci. J’ai 63 ans, mais tes conseils me font du bien.

  15. Raul

    Scott, I’m reading your articles in bulk! They are awesome! Thanks and keep writing good stuff, bro!

  16. Whitecloud

    I’m getting close to releasing new material for several artist I’ve written songs for, and I never quite looked at it this way until I read this article. I will now follow LANDR as I do BMI news. Thanks!

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