1. clockwurkk

    thats nice info i need thx

  2. Anthony

    Great Article

  3. Tehi

    This web page is what I’ve been looking for my whole music life. ;)

  4. Conker

    Excelente forma de ver la musica sin riesgos legales. interesante

  5. Origami

    Man that beat you made there was fresh, reminded me off homer simpson dexter remix

  6. Erwin

    Great article, but there is one more small thing to think about when using samples: adjusting the sample to the same bpm of your track can be tricky/diccifult. You can try it by hand, but there are a lot of tools (no spamming here so do the search) out there that can help you analyze and stretch or shrink your sample to your preferred bpm.

  7. Sharkalien

    I have to say, those sample packs from Wavy really blew me away, from both their quality, and their price (free!)

  8. Galya Georgieva

    Thank you a lot,very useful article

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