How to Make a Deep House Beat With Lethal

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How to Make a Deep House Beat With Lethal

Musician and educator Woulg teaches you how to make a deep house beat using Lethal from Lethal Audio and Ableton.

Lethal is the first plugin from LANDR Rent-to-own plugins. It’s a powerful ROMpler style synth plugin that packs a huge library of presets and sound design tools.

Woulg goes through melody, drums, effects, bass and vocals in this comprehensive Deep House tutorial.

How to make a deep house drum loop with Lethal

Drum loops are the foundation of a great track. From kicks to hihats Woulg goes through how to create one that sets the right tone.

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How to add percussion and groove to your deep house beat with Lethal

Getting the groove right can be tricky. See the best ways to add rhythmic action with percussion in Deep House.


How to make a deep house melody with Lethal

A great melody is your track’s hook. Woulg shows you how make one with Lethal.

How to add effects and accents to your deep house beat with Lethal

Effects and accents are essential to create interest and variation in your track.

How to use vocal sampling in your deep house beat

Vocal samples are great for humanizing your track and grabbing your listener’s attention. Here’s how to get them right.


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