Top 10 Royalty-Free Sample Packs on LANDR Samples Right Now

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Top 10 Royalty-Free Sample Packs on LANDR Samples Right Now

Music producers are always on the hunt for go-to royalty-free sample packs to fill out their sample libraries and inspire new sounds, beats and tracks.

To help you find the perfect sample pack, we’ve rounded 10 of top royalty-free sample packs on LANDR right now.

We picked these packs because they’re the best of the best. Here you’ll find our freshest samples from genres like Latin pop, trap, techno, lo-fi, R&B and more.

Ready to find the next sample pack to keep you inspired? Let’s dive in.

1. Choose Your Weapon Vol. 2

Find inspiration with

Choose Your Weapon Vol. 2

Audio Sample

Let’s kick this list off with Choose Your Weapon Volume 2 from Inyahead Music.

In this royalty-free sample pack, you’ll find chunky, hip-hop-inspired drums, gritty lo-fi drum loops and a sizeable collection of hard-hitting one-shots.

If you’re looking for some solid drums to fill out your next hip-hop or lo-fi beat, this sample pack is a great place to start.

My favorite sample from the pack: Doc_Ish_Full_Drums

2. South Trap – Hard Beats

Make a fire beat with

South Trap - Hard Beats

Audio Sample

South Trap comes with all the hallmarks of a trap sample pack—huge 808s, blistering fast trap high hats and evocative if not sinister melody loops.

If you’re looking for a pack that’ll inspire your next trap beat with interesting melody and rhythm ideas, South Trap is a great place to start.

My favorite sample from the pack: 06_SouthTrap

3. Pop Latino vol.2

Get fiery reggaeton samples

Pop Latino vol.2

Audio Sample

Latin Pop genres like reggaeton and corridos tumbados exploded in popularity in Latin America and Mexico so much that some artists crossed over to success in the USA and other English-speaking countries.

That’s why it’s no surprise that many producers are looking for authentic Latin pop samples to fill out their arrangement with interesting loops and the right-sounding drums.

That’s why Pop Latino Vol.2 is a great sample pack for anyone writing Latin pop or trap-styled songs.

You’ll find punchy drums, melody loops, Spanish vocal loops, deep synths and everything else you’ll need to fill out Latin pop arrangements.

My favorite sample from the pack: Apialla_Chorus_Vocal


Build perfect drums with

Modern RnB Drum Kit

Audio Sample

Modern R&B leans heavily on its rhythmic elements, often drawing inspiration from trap and hip-hop drums.

Modern R&B Drumkit is one royalty-free sample pack that’s no exception to the trend.

In this sample pack, you’ll find smooth drum loops, punchy kicks, sizzling hi-hat and some great full drum beats to chop and loop.

You even get a handful of additional Reese bass samples to back up your arrangement.

My favorite sample from the pack: FA – Drum Loop

5. Smooth Soul Vocals

Get soulful vocals with

Smooth Soul Vocals

Audio Sample

Sample packs that offer a specific type of vocal that’s useful for making any kind of genre are the kinds of sample packs that get music producers salivating.

Soulful vocals like the ones you’ll find in the Smooth Soul Vocals sample pack, have so many uses in so many genres beyond soul.

Take any vocal from the pack, chop it up and add effects—they’ll work in a Drake-inspired type-beat, on an R&B track or your next house-infused club hit.

If a soulful vocal take is something you need, start with this sample pack.

My favorite sample from the pack: iFollowYou

6. Ebony Neo Soul Samples

Add soul to your track with

Ebony Neo Soul Samples

Audio Sample

Speaking of soul music, here’s a sample pack offering the instrumentation, sounds and even more vocals you need to create an Erykah Badu-inspired neo-soul track.

In Ebony Neo Soul Samples you get all the groovy drums, funky bass, chunky guitars, melody loops, chords and more to create or fill out any neo-soul-inspired track.

It’s an incredibly well-written sample pack that’s an excellent starting point or assistant for writing smooth and funky neo-soul tracks.

My favorite sample from the pack: Sunny_Synth

7. Analog Reggaeton

Make your next track with

Analog Reggaeton

Audio Sample

With Bad Bunny and other reggaeton artists achieving massive mainstream success, you might be curious about adding reggaeton to your production skills.

Luckily Analog Reggaeton is right there if you need help finding the right reggaeton-inspired synths, drums, guitars and more.

Get melody loops, chord loops, drum loops and more to start writing your very one reggaeton tune.

My favorite sample from the pack: GUARDIANA_Lead

8. Vintage Swag

Get inspiring vocals and more

Vintage Swag

Audio Sample

Vintage Swag is a vocal-heavy sample pack from LANDR’s very own sample label Velvet Nights.

We created this label knowing just how important vocals are to producers of every genre.

In Vintage Swag you’ll find pop, hip-hop and R&B-inspired vocals, chord loops, melody loops and drum loops that sound like they’re ready for radio play.

Get the vocals and chop them into your pop production, or use them as the lead hook in your track—Vintage Swag is the perfect sample pack for adding serious firepower to your music.

My favorite sample from the pack: LR_Vibin

9. Eternal Techno

Make a banger with

Eternal Techno

Audio Sample

Eternal Techno is an enormous royalty-free sample pack boasting everything you could possibly need to make a modern techno track.

From pounding kicks, thumpy bass lines, warped synths and ear-splitting risers—you’re sure to find something inspiring in the 400+ techno samples in this pack.

My favorite sample from the pack: 37_Melodic_Techno

10. PS1 Jungle

Find your inner junglist with

PS1 Jungle

Audio Sample

If you need jungle samples, I’m afraid your search might be over.

PS1 Jungle has that modern jungle sound that producers are in love with these days.

With its blistering fast drum loops, punchy bass lines and ethereal vintage video game-inspired synths and pads, you’ve got what you need to make a killer jungle track right here.

My favorite sample from the pack:PSJ_North

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