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  1. Paul Thomson

    What was that song you heard at your aunt’s in Miami?

  2. Rick Williams

    I’ll have some more of those !

    Excellent !

  3. Eric Peloquin

    Plain awesome and very much “translatable” outside the music industry field. Great clip Dave – thank you!!!

  4. Rich T

    The tip about committing.. that one hits home for me. When starting a mixdown, there are so many options.. “I could do this, I could do that.. ” but as Dave says.. just do something. Thanks.

  5. Jeff Travilla

    I had the idea to finish on bad speakers or earbuds a few years ago, and it makes a major difference – even on the good speakers. My MX50s are too forgiving of bad levels. Tightening the response range really forces you to fine tune your levels across the instrumentation. I thought for sure I was the only one who did this. My process now is to bring my mix into Landr, master it, and then listen on speakerphone, ear buds, and a Bluetooth speaker. Then I take notes right on the track about adjustments – then it’s back to the mix, and I repeat the process until the master in Landr passes the test on all devices.

  6. T Sleek

    This really helped a lot! “Rules were not made to be broken, they were made to be ignored” explore your creativity with no restrictions “You’re probably more talented than the rule maker” I will always remember this when in doubt of a Mix process!

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