The LANDR Resource Hub

The LANDR Resource Hub

Learning music is how you move forward with your creativity.

Whether you’re building your first beat or releasing your magnum opus there’s always something more to learn.

To help you on your journey we’ve published tutorials, explainers and in-depth guides on all the topics that matter in music creation.

But it doesn’t end there. Sometimes you need hands-on experience to break through a tough topic.

That’s why we’re providing direct access to the best tools, resources and raw materials to help you progress.

In this collection you’ll find the DAW Sessions, MIDI packs, Printables, Free Samples and Plugin Presets you need to follow along with our resources and keep growing your music.

LANDR DAW Sessions

The best way to learn music production is directly in your DAW.

When you’re working through a tutorial inside an actual DAW session you can see how every detail in a track fits together.

Here’s every DAW session included with LANDR tutorials.

Download How To Chop Samples Ableton Session

Download You Feel Me Logic Pro X Session

Download You Feel Me Stems

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Chord progressions? Minor scales? Cadences?

If you’re just starting with music theory it’s easy to get stuck looking for the notes on your MIDI controller.

To make it faster we’ve created pre-built MIDI files to help you with concepts from music theory.

Here’s every MIDI Pack included with LANDR tutorials

Download 10 Powerful Chord Progressions MIDI Pack

Download How To Write A Song MIDI Pack

Download 10 Popular Drum Patterns MIDI Pack

Download Defeat Beat Block MIDI Pack

Download 8 Chill Lofi Chords MIDI Pack

Download 10 Heavy Bass Patterns MIDI Pack

Download Realistic Piano MIDI Pack

Download Better Chord Progressions MIDI Pack

Download Drum Beats MIDI Pack

Download 6 Rhythms MIDI Pack

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LANDR Printables

It’s not always easy to keep the details at hand when you need them.

Sometimes the best solution is good old fashioned pen and paper.

That’s why we wrote the essential music cheat sheets to help you keep it all straight.

Here’s every printable resource included with LANDR tutorials

Download Lo-Fi Hip Hop Guitar Chord Chart

Download Form and Structure Cheat Sheet

Download Music Scales Cheat Sheet 

Download Guitar Riffs Tabs

Download Guitar Riffs Backing Tracks

Download Releasing Your Music Checklist

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LANDR Samples

You can never have too many cool sounds for your tracks.

That’s why we include every sample you’ll need to follow along in your DAW with the exact same sounds—absolutely free.

Here’s every sample pack included with LANDR tutorials.

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LANDR Presets

VST instruments are a major perk of modern music production.

You get access to tones and timbres that were once only found in expensive big budget studios.

Even so, many VSTs aren’t easy to use right out of the box.

Complex controls and endless parameters make creating presets from scratch difficult for beginners.

Use the custom presets we build for popular VST instruments and effects to get great sounds from your plugins instantly.

Here’s every preset included with LANDR tutorials.

Download 808 Bass Tips Simpler Preset

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