How to Make a Trap Beat With Lethal

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How to Make a Trap Beat With Lethal

Producer/Rapper GrandBuda teaches you how to make a trap beat using Lethal from Lethal Audio and Ableton.

Lethal is the first plugin from LANDR Rent-to-own plugins. It’s a powerful ROMpler style synth plugin that packs a huge library of presets and sound design tools.

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In this four part series Grandbuda covers all the basics to make a melody, drum loop, bassline and switch up beat.

How to make a trap melody with Lethal

A solid melody is the perfect place to start building your trap track. Grandbuda shows how to pick presets and turn a quick idea into a memorably melody.

How to make trap drums with Lethal

Your drums have to hit hard in a great trap beat. Learn how to load Lethal’s trap-ready kicks and snares into a Drum Rack to build up a beat.

How to make trap bass line with Lethal

See how Lethal can create the powerful speaker-rattling bass you need for your trap beats.

How to make a trap switch beat with Lethal

Sometimes you gotta switch things up to keep it interesting. Here’s how to do it with Lethal.


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