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It is with great excitement that we announce our partnerships with Mutek for this year’s spectacular 15th anniversary. We will be LANDRing an archived live show for every past year of Mutek.This is amazing as we love, love, love what Mutek and Elektra do.

The LANDR’D sessions will be available as podcasts via Mutek, check back this week for the first instalment.

The line up this year is extraordinary, it’s a curated electronic dream festival. The first cull of artist inlcludes: Oneohtrix Point Never, Nicholas Jaar, Holly Herndon, and many many more

Watch: Oneohtrix Point Never Problem Areas to get pumped up for his perfomance

Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas from Warp Records on Vimeo.

The Musee D’Art Contemporian will be opening their doors to host it all.

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