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  1. Brandon Cobb

    Fucking Amazing! 🔑🌎💯

  2. David

    Does the release also go to Beatport?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hello David,

      Good question! Beatport will be available through LANDR distribution very soon! So check back for updates :)


      • Anonymous

        Has BEATPORT gone live through LANDR now?

        • Scott Parsons


          Not quite yet, but it’s in the works! Stay tuned…

          • Rory Seydel

            Beatport it live!

  3. Moça

    You guys are the best!!!❤️👍🏽 & do you deliver to YouTube ?

  4. Matt

    How long does your song stay up on platforms? Only during your monthly payments? Or is it a one time fee and it stay up forever?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Matt,

      Great question :)

      As long as you’re subscribed to either a LANDR mastering plan, or a release only LANDR plan, you’re music will stay live on the shops.

      All our pricing can be found here:

      If you decide to stop subscribing, we give you a 20 day grace period before your music is removed from the platforms.

      Hope this was useful! If you have any other questions feel free to contact, they’re here to help any time!


  5. Dario Gomez

    Can I choose the release date?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Dario,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Good question, I’m gonna direct you towards our helpful support department at They’ll be able to answer your question no problem :)


  6. Root

    Hey, How long does the release process take? Specifically from the submit page until its ready to be used on the streaming services and platforms. Thanks

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Root,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Happy that you’re interested in LANDR Distribution.

      The go-live times will vary depending on the store. For more information please visit our FAQ page here:

      And if you have more specific questions, our support team is always available to help out. Reach them at


  7. Anonymous

    If I release music through LANDR is it ok to still have my publishing with Tunecore?

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