A Bombastic Amon Tobin Live Mutek Set

Amon Tobin Mutek

The second podcast from the vault of Mutek’s archive is up for our listening pleasure. It’s an expansive and deeply trippy piece of audio.

Part dubstep monolith, part sound design collage, I get lost in this set. The sounds come out of the ether and just when they start to overwhelm, they fade back to leave room for beauty.

For those who don’t already know, Brazilian born 


 is an icon in the electronic music scene, releasing records with 

Ninja Tune

, living between the UK and Montreal and touring pretty much constantly.

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Photo by Steven Taylor 

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the podcast, and if you are in Montreal tonight Mutek is hosting Minilogue at Espace ReunionPatti Schmidt—host of the former Brave New Waves (my favorite CBC show ever)will be opening with a DJ set.

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